Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday - A Stormy Day In the Southland

     This has been a very slow week on the web hasn't it?  At least here at the Roost.  Guess the 'new' has worn off huh?  Or did I insult everyone and you're all ignoring me maybe?  Thas arrite, the kitties still love me.  I think.
     Had a very nasty day today, starting early (about 6 AM our time) with heavy clouds moving in, blotting out all the light everywhere.  For a few minutes there, I though, what with the sound of the rumble from the heavy morning traffic coming from the interstate just a click and a bump over the hill from us, that we were due for another possible tornado.
     For the roughly 20 years we've been here in the SouthWoods we've had tornadoes  flying around ripping up the countryside nearby, but never really getting to us.  This time, for a few minutes at least, I thought, "Now it's OUR time.  What do we do, what do we do?"
     I walked outside to take stock of our possibilities (as if I hadn't done that dozens of times in the past years), and I saw it was a different situation altogether.  All of a sudden the rain swept in like pouring water out of a big bucket.   Winds were not all that bad, but the rain ..... according to the local weather prognosticator on the evening TV news we had roughly 7 inches of rain in our burgh, just a mile and a half away as the crow flies.
     Thankfully the ground was like a sponge soaking it up almost as fast as it fell.  Well, anyway, I didn't see all this happening, just the start of it.  I was taken to the feathers (bed) by the 4 Mouskateers (the cats).  Since they comfort me when I'm disturbed, ill, and distraught, I figured it was my duty to repay the debt.  Kinda hurts to see the little guys all bundled into themselves full of fear, not knowing what is happening around then and definitely not liking it one little furry bit.
     Well, we slept, at least I did, through the most of the morning and on into mid afternoon, at which time I was up and at table as demanded by my tiny Wife-mate.  Shortly after, with the thought of just relaxing and catching up on my reading, I again joined the little furrbutts buried amongst the bed linens and pillows, only to drift off to sleep again.
     We, or at least I, awoke shortly before 6 this evening finding the sky cleared up, the day still, and the ground showing signs of rain, although signs of the heavy rains I heard about were negligible .  The little plastic matchbox we call a car was definitely clean, I can say that much for the downpour.  There wasn't a single streak left on that dark green (almost black) little Dodge.  Cat porch, at least the north end, was a flood, although only minor.  I left that little bit for the kitties and the soon to come night life types that roam our share of the neighborhood, as if that were the only place rainwater is standing, fresh for the lapping and slurping.
     Now, needless to say, the damn 'skeeters are out in full flight, deeply engrossed in tight aerial tactical exercises fit to run the little cats into the high grass on the back corner of the acre.  I ain't goin out there without my 'Bounce Softener' sheets attached to my bony old person.  (best anti 'skeeter application I've found yet.  Good smelling, not greasy, and easy to apply.  For those not in the know, it is not a joke, it works.  Try it!
     I may be already put half you folks asleep with this diatribe, so we'll call this one finished and take ourselves back to the world of here and now, proofread the little House Panther, MikiCato's copy, and see to getting it posted on the House Panther Blog.  And I quite sure one of the other kits has started something for Buddy's Blog as well.  We are definitely behind on our posting, so the thought around the manor is that we shall correct our errors while we can.
     This said, we shall be out and about.
     Later .....

     Y'all come.  And bring/send your neighbours and friends.
     Newbies/Characters are welcome too!





  1. I must say my Anglish is getting a might sloppy. I guess I'm not paying attention on how I'm supposed to say things and am just saying things like I do every day. Well, that's me, and y'all just gots to 'scuse me. I am a Southrener after all. I talk funny.

    Come to think of it, I know lots of people what talk funny. So that just makes me normal I guess.

    Just talkin ......

    Later .....

  2. Hi there Roy. Sounds like quite some stormy wet weather you've been having! At least the tornadoes are staying away. It is so warm in your neck of the woods. It's pretty cool here in the UK. We have a lot of grey and wet days and I often long for more sunshine. Sounds like a good anti- mosquito idea u have with the bounce softener sheets! Will bear that in mind. Hope all's well with u, Lisa and your lovely purr friends :)


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