Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursday Night Late - A romp with my little House Panther, MikiCato

     Last night I had a large pile of plastic shopping bags all fluffed up and just dumped on the floor in a 'bunch'. There was a little house panther head sticking out of the side of the pile, and the little guy was sound asleep. We had fun dumping the big bag full of bags and fluffing them up. It was kinda like the finale for MikiCato's crazy 15 minutes of romp and run.
     Here's the story: Tegar and Rowdy, the two youngest of the inside ManCats, were asleep and unaware of what was going on, (thankfully), and I was replacing the computer room's empty crunchy dinner bowls with clean full ones, had just washed the water bowl and headed back down the hall from the fun room when a little black bolt of furry lightening flashed by my legs and disappeared to the right into the computer room. Almost instantly he was back, having circled the centered computer console, and loaded on the coal for a full throttle drive back down the hall.
     I replaced the water dish/bowl, sat down in the computer chair to sort the standard shopping bags from the handle-less produce bags. (Why a collection of bags? Well, just to satisfy the inquisitive mind, the standards are used for small trash can liners and for the daily cleaning of the litter boxes.) Ok? Ok! On with the tale here ......
     As I dumped the bags out on the floor, the pile exploded all over the small space we have between the chairs and the counter. Miki had snuck in and attacked.  He was raging happily under the pile.
     The little bomb was there, and then he wasn't. After raking all my bags back into a reachable pile, I sat back down and continued with my sorting, had the pile suddenly explode in my face once more, and finally heard a scritching and scratching, and mewling overhead.
     "Ahha! The lil hellion has gone 'up there'. Now maybe I can get the task of sorting these bags finished and get on with what ever it was I was planning on doing next", thought I.
     Not to be ignored, the little house panther came scrabbling and hopping down, and landed in the middle of the pile like a small bomb. He immediately dove into and under the pile. I quickly fluffed up the bags as fast as I could, covering my little guy completely. This was getting to be fun. I grabbed the camera, and began to await the chances.
     It soon became quiet, the pile of bags ceased the frantic movement, and I was able to continue sorting out the unwanted bags. I did get some rather good shots though. Maybe later we can look at them.
     As I wrote along, I occasionally glanced down beside my chair, just to keep up with what was happening and too, hoping to catch another good shot.   I saw a pair of big, happy, eyes glowing at me as if saying, "I love you Large One, but you are supposed to be playing with me, NOT that klacky sounding board thingie!"
     Oh, and with the last paragraph up there I gots me a tender tap on the arm as I turned my head back to the pile and the puddytat. He quickly laid back down, curled and looked at me with a look that just has to mean, "Hey, I'm begging here! Don't make me get hostile!"
     I did get those pictures ..... well I think I did.
     So, I lined this one off and got on with the love and play time I had going on with my little lap robe, my house panther, MikiCato. More on this one another day.
     As I hoped, we didn't get interrupted, and we played till the little one was worn out tired and I could stuff him in the feathers for a long nap. And Bastet forbid the little furrball gots me curled in with him. He put ME to sleep too.  The chores never were finished that night.
     Later .....

     Y'all come.  And bring/send your neighbours and friends.
     Newbies/Characters are welcome too!