Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday - Catching up again

     There's nothing going on here worth Blathering about today.  It's chilly, the sun is neurotic as hell hiding behind clouds and such, and the neighborhood is soggy.  Even the birds are roosting outside the window.
     Bird TV sucks today.  Well, so does the regular TV.  I'm so glad we packratted the years and years of tapes, records, and CDs we accumulated here and there, and even the MIDIs on the computer.  At least we can choose what we want to bore us.
     Haven't had my pills today, not hungry, not interested in junk food (even if we had any), out of juices, can't drink booze, buttermilk or even soda, so I walk around with a 32oz mug of lumpy water (read here water with ice cubes added, OK?) in my hand.

Of course Rowdy and Tegar drink most of it.  
Every time I sit down somewhere 
one or the other of those little trouble makers 
are there patting the top of the mug wanting 
me to take it off so they can guzzle my water.  
Cats run the house anyway.  

     What's the word?  Bored!  Yeah, I'm that arrite.  Just plain and simple.  I haven't thought of going for a stroll around the SouthWoods yet, but that just might happen.  Must needs get some sleeves on though.  Naaah!  That's too much trouble getting dressed to go out and work up a sweat plodding up and down the road, getting barked at, being followed by little kitties with cuddle in mind, and being glared at through cracks in the curtains of this and that Mobile Home as if I am a Terrorist with Mayhem in mind.
     Which hits on a subject I tend to concentrate on a good bit lately: Mental breakdown in the neighborhood just below the Manor house.  All the newbies moving in (and they move in and out almost daily) all think they are being put upon by this and that neighbor and tend to hang the family shotgun by the front door.  I'm thinking it's inherited actually.  Well, yes, definitely to the shotguns, but I was talking about this mental breakdown bit.  I've been walking the same route up and down these roads for close to 20 years, sometimes twice a day, and have not stolen the trash cans nor dog-napped any of the rangy mutts roaming the yards to selling to this and that lab for experimental purposes.  Still, I am suspect.  Well, I did my time in Nam, so I'm used to eyes glaring at me from the bushes and deep inside the dingy looking hovel they call home.  Another subject is needed her toot sweet!
     Just on the side here, have you ever noticed, those of you who regularly read my ramblings, that I very seldom have anything nice to say about my neighborhood, nor few, if any, of the people living in it?  Well, I guess that's mainly because I have discovered, over the years, that in talking up the nice in the neighbors, the good things they do and such, I wind up having to feed a whole slew of strange 'friend' types that come over just to get a free handout and watch my big TV, all operating on the 'friendly neighbor' principle that 'the Owl is a soft touch, and they (Owl and Lady Owl), are all alone and lonely and need some company, and we could get some good eats there and borrow some tools and forget to bring them back.'
     As to the TV, they all wanna watch the same thing: a bunch of idiot men in funny looking uniforms run up and down a big cow pasture ploughing into each other, stomping on each other, and trying to throw a warped, out of shape ball away, while others in different colored but identical uniforms keep grabbing it and running around like they wanna play keep-away.  And when one program is cancelled, there's always another on another channel with two different bunches of idiots doing the same thing, just wearing different gaudy looking uniforms.
     Summertime viewing is just as nertzy as winter.  In the summer it's two bunches of idiots, same thing with the uniforms, this time with a fist sized little ball they keep throwing at each other, like they are trying to knock the other guy's teeth out ..... and this is men on their own side.  Then this one guy walks up to a spot on the field and dodges that ball as a dude in the middle of the field tries to get them teeth.  (bet they have hellacious dental bills at the end of the year).  What seems to be the aim of the game is for the guy getting thrown at to hit that ball with a stick of wood and drive it into the crowd out there.  Guess they wanna either get rid of the ball, or get revenge on some of the loudmouthed drunks badmouthing them and then ignoring them when they do something that's supposed to be good.
     And the ladies that visit and spend the weekend while the men stink up the fun room.  Cackling, hens with some of the weirdest looking hairdos and skimpy clothes I think I've ever seen.  Never could understand why women would pile on the clothes around the house but when they go out to visit and socialize they always take most all the clothes off.  Just backwards of when I was used to as a young lad.  Now I wanna tell you something about these females.  They AIN'T all that young most of them.
     Just sayin .....
     Actually, most all of the young women would NOT stoop to our level ..... they gotta be out and cruisin the roads, listening to some Ahole yabbering about sex, bad dope, and cheap women.  And they all LOVE it.  (The yabbering I'm talking about.  Not sure about the rest, but lately I'm wondering .)
     And we raised these young people?
     Just askin!
     Maybe I should stop this and get off the keyboard.  I HAVE had a couple three threatening EMails of late talking about my badmouthing the younger generation and the neighborhood in general.  No biggie.  I know where they all live so their threat of "Remember, we know where you live!" don't hold no water.  I have Google Earth and Maps too.
     Anyway, I will shut up, edit this, pick a picture for the day, and go on to other things.  Perchance my Muse is awake and can take over and keep me out of trouble with the neighborhood.  Actually that is no problem there.  They all have wireless computers and leach off my account signal, at least until I set the modem to stand by, just, if for nothing else than to piss them off.  (I do that a lot lately!)  I mean, I gotta have SOME fun don't I.
     Y'all come when you can.  And bring/send your neighbours and friends.  Newbies/Characters are welcome too!  I'll be here, if not right quick like, then shortly thereafter ..... maybe.

     Everyone take care, be safe, be happy, and most of all, smile.  Confuses the hell out of the enemy.


Way back in the younger days
That's my little friend and Owner, Terry Lee 
trying to keep me awake.
I think I remember putting him to sleep that time.
It was fun whatever happened.