Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday - Just taking up the slack in here

            I'm back with a whole mess of gripes, complaints, and other assorted and sundry whines, whimpers, and boo hoos.  But before we get into those here's a hearty and supposedly happy  Good Morning one and all.  Here's hoping the day looks, and feels way better in your neck of the woods than it does in mine.  
     Another dreary looking, chilly, day here in the SouthWoods.  Supposedly a great day to start the week.  I have my doubts, but that's just my opinion.  And you know what 'they' say about opinions.  NO?  Well, 'they' say "Opinions are like a$$holes.  Everybody's got one."  Mine just stinks more so than most.  (happy now.  Learn something new every day!)
     Not to get into a favored debate this morning, but I'm thinking the grass is too green out there, and is a mite too tall for my taste.  That means, when this mess of storms has past and gone and all is dry outside, I'm supposed to get out and ride the little red engine around the acre like I can afford to spend near $5 a gallon for gas to cut the weeds and other foliage growing there.  And at that, do it most of the day, refill the gas tank, and do it all over next week again.  That ain't my way to grow old and weary in peace.  NOT!
     But that's just one man's complaint.
     As to other assorted and sundry gripes I might have this morning, I feel well supplied for a lengthy and quite boring blather here.  Mayhap we can find some photos to go with it ..... mayhap not.  We'll see.  
     Shortly after disposing of this edition of the Blather Blog, I'm gone to table ...... my pills are waiting, my tummy is rumbling, and I haven't had my morning dose of Earl Gray.  The puddytats are waiting too.  My escort service is purring and prancing at the door as I type.  'Little Yellow Fellow' (Tegar, the Cream Puff) and 'Big Spot' (Rowdy, the Tux) are antsy for a freshup and refill of the crunchy bowls and the water.  'Bubba' (Buddy Bear, the walking dust mop) and 'Ninji Kitty' (MikiCato, the house panther) are waiting in front of a cold heater (that they want turned on immediately, if not sooner!)  Must do my duties as 'they' see them.  The outside ladies, Miss Princess (aka Spooky, the hairy black basketball) and her  sissyfurr, Smokey, (the little grey tiger) have not been spotted out the window to the Cat Porch (read here, car port) yet.  Well, hopefully they are still abed in their boudoir (the laundry room at the back of the CP.)
     Well, your tough luck.  I had a whole diatribe of whine and rant laid out to dump on you, but, having mistakenly mentioned 'the table', which brought up the location of said table (the fun room, aka dining/living/kitchen type room), which contains the pantry, the fridge, and all the glorious goodies and stuff that makes this old Owl function, has caused a meltdown in the area of the belt buckle (damn noisy area that), and so, I shall make you wait until the next edition to know what has my dander up.
     On the brighter side, here's something I once heard someone call 'Eye Candy', what we 'normal' folk would call a picture ..... our picture of the day.

This, of course is the house panther, MikiCato astride his most favoured of all toys
the Small One found at the local flea market one summer day.
That cat guarded, and rode, that thing until it was in shreds.
I tried to re-cover it but it just wasn't to be.
It disappeared late one night while he slept in bed. He still searches for the thing.
Buddy never rode it but loved to try to get underneath it.
I guess he was just pulling maintenance on it ..... oil change and such.

     I'd like to add a happy Hi and Hello to an old friend that has been silent on the blogs for way too long, at least up until he dropped a comment and greeting on our last Blather here.  Eric Valentine!  Welcome back my Friend.  Hoping to see you back on the Blog and writing.  You have been missed.
     I'm gone!
     Later .....