Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wednesday - Just Rambling On

     Not very punctual with my postings of late, am I?  Well, I never was dependable.  At least I was told that many times back when I could barely see over the edge of the dining room table.  Well, I couldn't help it.  No one told me the proper places for all the forks and spoons and glasses and plates.  Besides, my arms weren't long enough ..... then.
     Later, I was always busy with something else, a guitar, a harmonica, the old upright piano setting out on the back porch, then a bit later, the girls, the band, my drums, the girls, my new tenor sax, the majorettes, the dance band, the old Chevy Woodie Station wagon my Aunt let us have to haul the instruments and the girls in ......  well, we all know how it ended.  Off to college and the girls, the music, the dances, the stage shows, the girls ...... That ended in 1961.  That was  when I gave it all up and went off to war, made it to Germany, and fought a major battle, loosing the battle to a tiny Sicilian Lady. Got  myself hooked, I did.
     I put on my full dress blues, spit shined my low quarters, invited my platoon to the wedding, and couldn't believe it when they all showed up forming an 'Honor Guard' for the wedding.  That wedding was 47 years ago.  Hell, I still don't know where all that silverware and crystal and china goes.  I definitely know how to use it, though .....
     What does all this have to do with what I'm supposed to talk about this morning?  Nothing, actually, just thought of it and figured it would be a good lead in to the main subject.  Now, if I can just find my notes I'll see what the main subject was supposed to be and get on with the posting.  Like everything else I have gotten myself into this chilly spring day, this may be a loooong session.  Got your snacks and the cool one by your side?  How 'bout the lap robe (kitty to those who are NOT in the know).  Geez ..... wise up people.  Don't you know reading Blather Blogs is lots more fun when you have a cat on your lap?  Try it.  I'm thinking you will get a different outlook on life in general.  If nothing else you will definitely get a lap full of kitty hair.  This time of year it's flying everywhere.  You know, thinking about the cat hair all over the house and on the clothes and furniture, I am SO GLAD all the so-called friends I don't like are allergic to cats.  Saves me the trouble of having to be nice to the stuffed shirts and priss-misses.
     Don't worry, I'm not all that bad.  My 6 cats like me.  I can live with that.
     As I said before, this has been a long day, and the Spring cleanup and fix up tasks have taken much  longer than they did last year and the year before and ..... NO, it is NOT the age, just the mileage.  I'm thinking I need to take myself to the body shop for a overhaul.  If it wasn't for the fact I'm allergic to some paints, I would go for the full re-do.  Probably better I not have any changes made.  Wife and Cats are used to my looks now.  I'd hate to scare them with a new face.  It was hard enough them gettin used to the one I have.
     I have to admit here, that I don't remember what I was going to talk about, so I'm going to hunt up a couple pictures of the place, maybe a sunrise or sunset shot taken from the yard here at Five Oaks.
     I'm still trying to pull up the storage site I have my stuff and things on.  Seems the Web, and more than likely, my ISP has gone on a walkabout and forgot to take me with them.  I suspect I have to re-boot my modem.  Lots of that going on this Spring, especially with all the rain we're having of late.

     It took every bit of 5 minutes to reboot and refresh everything.  I'm liking the fact saves as we type.  I would have had a major case of the mads if I had lost all these fantabulously intelligent thoughts and bits of wise and wondrous wisdom I've offered everyone here.  Not having lost anything, I think we can call this one 'Fini', and take a look see at what I found on the secret most private locked away photo storage site.  Mine, all mine, so there!

A SouthWoodsUSA sunrise back in January of 2005
That was a colorful morning
and again that evening as well. 
I only wish ..... well I did get some great looking shots
but what if ......

just a year, to the date later, I caught this sunset
Mother Nature does a good job of painting the sky
but she can pick some COLD days to do it.

     I have had a good day.  Hope you all have had the same, and will continue to enjoy the re-birth of Mother Nature's finest.  Have a happy rest of the week.  Get out and walk, and don't forget to take the camera with you.  You don't have to be a professional photographer to get some good pictures.  The memory of the shot is the thing.  
     I'm gone .....
     Later .....


Just one of our many Grandcats!  
This is one humongonous big guy
a very loving cuddlefluff