Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saturday Morning - Gonna be another one of those days .....

     Good Saturday Morning everyone.  Happy Day.  I woke up!
One of the local residents back last
spring.  I had just filled the Bird TV
in front of the computer room window
where Buddy and the boys spend a
goodly amount of time, playing 'lazy cat'
and surveying the world outside.
I confess:  I watch a lot too!
     NO, I am not feeling well, and I am cranky, but, then again, thinking back on the many mornings that have passed, I am ..... NORMAL after all.  Sorry for the shouting there.  Every day up and about is another day I beat the old Grim Reaper.
     What's wrong with me, you may ask.  Everything actually!  I need a tune up, a trip to the body shop, new treads, new glass, and could stand a better amplifier on the radio and CD players.  So, what's it to you?  Writing a book ..... I'll leave the last half of that last well known phrase out of the morning's greeting.  Lets let that one go, OK?
     Looking for rain in the afternoon, fog now, temp now = 55°, temp this afternoon amid all the moisture predicted, 71 - 73°.
     Wonder what will happen when I go out the door again (went out at 6 to take the crunchy din din bowls to the little girlkits, saw three strange, half starved looking hunting hounds snurffling around the car, chased them off, watched them wander to the neighbor's house, two of them cocking a leg on the neighbor's SUV .... Heh!  NO!  We're still not friendly, the neighbor and I/Me [whatever]).  Wonder if they circled back just to spite me.  I like dogs, actually, just as long as they, and their care and upkeep, are someone else's worry.  Lets leave that 'whine' for a later date, 'K?
The SouthWoodsUSA trail, looking down the
 road from Five Oaks Manor, the west view of the
round-about circle I walk, when I walk.
This was taken a few years back
during the summer.
     Anyway, the day has begun and is proceeding to look like it's going to stay around, so I'll get out and about, see if I can get some miles on the old track shoes for a change.  May just walk guard around the acre instead of taking a chance of getting caught down the way when the rains come.  Can't get caught in the rain ..... I would melt!
     Now, all that said, I shall attempt to get the Bear off my foot, the Mik off my lap, unhook Tegar's claw from the back of my T shirt, get up and carefully step over the Rowdy one, head to the fun room, dose up my mug, heat the water, and try for another mug of lemon/Earl Gray with a dose of honey.  Possibly a huge bowl of milk and crunchy (I know Miki will like THAT), and after the stuffing of the face routine, another check on the Catladies of The Five Oaks Manor Cat Porch and Laundry Room Boudoir (Ms Princess and Ms Smokey).
     Anyone just now tuning into this series of blathers and blurbs from yours truly curious about these names I keep dropping, check out Buddy Bear's Cats' World's Blather Blog.  You might also be interested in Buddy Bear's Cats' World, a Tribute to the Cat.  Rather large place with more than a few add-on sites to Buddy's credit.  (shameless Spam and unsolicited advertisement there.)  Oh, for those who are leery of visiting new and different sites, those are all, advertisement free, all lacking porn and profanity, and are, above all, Cat Safe.  Y'all join us!

     Geez, Just typing all this I feel worn out.  Not the effort of it all, just another wave of lightheadedness and a touch of nausea.  Ah!  Just the mileage, as I've said before.
     All of you take enjoy the weekend, be safe, stay warm, keep dry (unless of course it's your time for the annual bath and butt scrubbing .... this IS Saturday after all), be happy, and come see us when you can.  Lisa and I will be around.  I'm sure she will top me with the attendance till whatever is 'bugging' me is defeated, or at least dosed with the proper chemicals and other such necessary bodily additives.  OK!  That makes me think.  Did I take my morning pills?  And, if so, did I add enough liquid to my stomach to offset the large amount of foreign substances the Doctors have forced on me for the duration of my next 30 years?  Damn!  I need a drink!  Well, we know about that need don't we?  Caffeine too!   Seems all my 'vices' are verboten.  Well, it was fun while it lasted.
     Y'all come ......

Roy, Sr.
aka KnightOwl aka Large One
I am also theWizard they call Sergeant Pop