Monday, April 4, 2011

April - First Monday thereof. I'm back!

     Stormy day in SouthWoodsUSA™.  Way bad wind and rain and possible (they said) Tornadoes.
     Just as I started to post the latest on Buddy Bear's Cats' World's Blather Blog, we had a power surge, the warning we seem to always have for upcoming nasty weather,  the computer restarted and I had one big ole Redneck hissy fit.  I just knew that I had lost my post.  But, I forgot that Blogspot saves almost immediately after you stop typing for just a few seconds.  And since I have my browser set to reopen previously view pages the next time it opens, all I had to do was spend a half hour trying to get the damn ISP and their quirky modem to reboot together.  In the end, I left the thing burbling along talking to itself, took my weary butt to the feathers, curled the Bear (that's Buddy Bear, our little soon to be 10yr old Ragamuffin) in my arms and went to sleep.  Rebooting was a matter of unplug and replug power cords to the Modem and the wireless router.  Buddy helped!
     I'm told I slept through two more nasty/noisy/soggy storms.  Woke up after the evening news (which I'm sure I wouldn't have been interested in anyway), had a few sips of by then warm lumpy water, refilled my mug, fought off the Heathen's (that's the baby, almost 7yr old Tuxedo, Rowdy by name) attempts to drink said water down to the lumps, and went outside to take out the trash.  It was COLD out there.  Way cold.  At least, thought, the rain had stopped.
    While out there I noticed the two outsider girlkitties, Smokey and Miss Princess were at outs with each other and were sulking one in each end of the Cat Porch, their one outside crunchy bowl was finally free of those tiny little nuisance sugar ants, and the porch was half afloat with the back-wash from the drip-drip from the eave of the roof.  Doin my Kitty Daddy duties, I loved the girls, swept the porch, refilled the bowl, freshened up the girls room (read here 'converted, heated, laundry room') adding fresh dry food and water, and walked off without taking the dirty stinky goodness bowls in.  (I just now thought of that last item).
     All seems well outside now, nothing blown away, no trees blown down, yet there are Willow and Oak limbs and branches all over the acre.  Thankfully most of the remaining leaves were blown off and away, to where I do NOT know and certainly do NOT give a bit rats patootie, just am thankful they are gone.
     I did notice several of the surrounding neighbours' trash cans (tomorrow is Garbage Guy day here) had been flung about, lids missing, and contents strewn all over ..... this time, thankfully, nothing deposited in my part of the neighborhood.  Most all the loose debris is tactfully deposited down the road immediately in front of MY acre.  So be it.
     I do NOT do road pickup.  Not anymore!  Not with all these young whippersnappers ripping up and down the roadway on their two, three and four wheelers at all hours of the day and night, all living within 2 - 3 miles of said strewn garbage.  If the garbage gets in their way, THEY can pick it up.  County maintenance certainly does NOT pick up anything.  I've done my more than a few decades of picking up after someone else.  Now the task falls on other shoulders.  They wanna live in a dump they can.  My acre, other than having Mother Nature's droppings, is clean.  Thankyouverrymuch.
     Ok, bitch, whine and whimper time over.  (Did I tell anyone here that I do this quite often?  And that the thoughts, opinions, and foul language used here is/are/am MINE and all MINE.  I quote no one here but me!)  Enough of that.
     What did we do today?  Not diddly s#!(.  Went out on the Cat Porch when the first blowing storm came though with my hackles standing on end.  I'm sure most of you have heard or read descriptions of oncoming tornadoes 'sounding like a freight train coming at you.'  Well Bubala, I HEARD one today, and it passed just over my head ..... didn't touch down near or on us, but it was up there.  Winds were laying pines almost flat on the ground.  Several of the really small, young saplings DID lay down ..... they're not back up yet, so I imagine they were uprooted, or at least the taproot snapped.  Vertical rain, moving so fast it was like someone throwing rocks at you.  I thought for a minute or two that it was hailstones, but not.  Just hefty, fast moving rain drops.  Proof of rainfall is out there.  All kinds of little lakes and puddle all over the acre.
     We'll need the pontoon boat to get to the car tomorrow should M'Lady decide to make the trip to civilization for the 'forgotten' and 'just thought of' goodies we didn't pick up on the 2nd of the month.  But that's another tale for another day.
     I saw something out there today that I did not like, and I had to sit back in the corner and ask myself "Why are we being spared again?"
     Then, I asked myself "Why am I looking a gift horse in the mouth?"
     No answer for either question.  So I'll stop with this.

     I know it's not what most folks would consider read-worthy, and for those of you who DO think such, I will refrain from dropping my opinion of your opinion in here.  Read between the lines. :^)
     Just meanderings from the aged mind of theWizard they call Sergeant Pop, aka KnightOwl, the one the teachers called 'Tommy' even after me Da lit their fuses with the information that his only (he swore he couldn't stand another) son was NOT a 'Tommy' but a 'Roy'.
     Whatever!  Y'all come see us when you can, check out Buddy Bear's Blog, visit, if you will, our Cats' World's Forums, and if by chance you are on, check us out at SouthWoodsUSA™, our collection of forums there.  Of course our home is the website called Buddy Bear's Cats' World, and is open to everyone, cat lover or not.  The links to all our sites are located on the start page of the Web Site.
     Now I'll get off this keyboard so little Tegar, the creme coloured kitty can get back on to finish his nap.
     Y'all come.  And bring/send your neighbours and friends.
     Newbies/Characters are welcome too!