Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Snow in the SouthWoods

     Greetings of the day to one and all visiting here,  said day being the 29th day of the month of November, the 11th, and next to last, such month in this soon to be used up year of 2011AD.  Good Morning to everyone, even the critters that run our lives, live in our homes, and have a firm grip on our hearts.
     The residents of the Manor House woke this morning early to see snow piled lightly on the Dodge.  Whatever fell on the hardtop, grass and other surfaces has disappeared aready, but the Dodge held on to the evidence.  Not all that much, but it IS still there.  32°F now with an expectation of rain through the day, mid 40s for the highs.
     The following is what was written not too long before this old Bird felt the call of the big feather bed, the Lady of the House, and our four little 'owners', the little ManCats we call 'the Mouskateers of Five Oaks Manor.  Thought I would drop it in here.

MikiCato taking charge of the evenings' duties of
the security detail's chief guard, observer, and
box warmer at Five Oaks Manor.
I think he was asleep here.
     "So, this evening I be looking over my right  shoulder out the window as I type, watching the big fat snow flakes coming down.  More rain than snow, but the flakes are humongonous.  Don't think it will stick, and so I was told by my better half, our local TV channel's Chief Meteorologist doesn't think so either.  Whatever, I'll sleep through it all (I hope!)
     Speaking about looking out the window made me think of the large feeder I have hanging there for the Mouskateers' benefit.  They all love Bird TV, and in past years the programming has been great.  
     Just recently the bird feeders are becomming populated again.  The Cardinals are just now coming around here, and I did see one Chickadee amongst a small flock of maybe 4 Sparrows this afternoon. The doves are not back yet.  Ah, but they will come.  I've a large container of feed just for the larger feather dusters.  And those feeders are ready to be put out. 
     This past summer is the first summer we did not keep the small bird feeders full. Up until then, we always had dozens upon dozens of many breeds of birds visiting and feasting, a lot of those I could not identify. 
This one was taken a while back, when there was
a regular visitor there.  Lady Cardinal took a liking
to MikiCato and the two of them struck up a mite
of a friendship.
I always dropped some seed on the window ledge
so she would have an 'excuse' to flirt with the Cat.
     Now they all have to find the place again. We have had a full contingent of Ruby-throated hummers all summer long. Actually three regulars. They nested in the big Christmas cedar in the front yard. Ever so often I would look out and see 8 - 10 - 12 or more visitors swarming the feeders. Now I haven't seen the three in over a week. I'm thinking they have joined the flock going south, or I should say, they JOINED the flock. Ah, but they will come back. 20 years here and always at least a pair spending the summer either in the honeysuckle on the car port or in the cedar. 
     Kitties were thrilled to see the birds on the feeder today. All four insiders were in one window shoulder to shoulder gazing and chittering away at the cardinal and the little ones.
     Everyone have a great night, and sleep well.  This old Owl is out and about the threads of the secret forum, got some blogs to update, and a few dozen friends' blogs to visit and make smart remarks about.  That 'friends' list on Blogspot.com is growing like a weed on steroids.  Oh, don't get me wrong, I love it, I really do, but I try so hard to be lazy and I wind up making more 'work' for myself every time I turn a corner.  
     Life is good, isn't it?  
     Be safe .... "

     Well, we DID get snow here in the NE section of SouthWoodsUSA (Mississippi to those not in the know), and we survived it.  I told everyone reading along once upon a time that us Southreners are a sturdy stock.  We can stand anything ..... just as long as what ever it is we have to survive is somewhere but where we are.
     The Owl here, making with the glad words, filling my obligation to make with said glad words, preferably on a daily basis, but of recent times, not so daily.  That problem we'll tend to with the proper expedience and decorum as should be afforded such a fine document as this Blather Blog has become.
     In just a few short minutes I will turn this computer off, get the cleaning goodies out and proceed to ignore all of you while I clean in, around, and under the prized tower, monitor, and other assorted and sundry add-on whiz boxes and thanamajigs attached to said tower.
     And for what it's worth, and for the benefit of those guilty of what I speak, THANK YOU, one and all.  I can't ever say that enough.
     That said, I'm thinking it's time to do an extensive update to the files titled 'My Documents.  Gotta store what I don't use often, and make room for the stuff to come.
     Heh!  One thing I noticed when I was moving pix from the Docs to the 'family pix' folder.  Buddy Bear's folder had, before I moved the last 80+ there, 846 pix of that particular plump little dust mop.  Reluctant to look at Miki's folder to see THAT number.  I'm thinking he is the winner in the 'most pictures' category.
     Whatever, time to get up and get with it, or rather, get down and get with it.  I'll be crawling around this console for a while for sure.  Well, I'll have lots of company what with the House Panther and brother Yellow Fellow always meddling and wanting to 'help'.
     The day promises to be one of rather short range activity, what with the rain and the freezing temps ..... 'Manor House' is NOT as big as the 'name' implies.  Me Da used to say "This place ain't big enough to cuss a cat in!"  I'm thinking he would be saying that if he visited here, and, ya know, he would be RIGHT ON!  But as to the cussing of the cat ..... everyone knows I would NEVAH cuss a cat.  NEVAH!  It's not in my mild mannered, even tempered, sweet self's makeup to do such a dastardly deed.
     Getting deep in here, huh?  Mayhap we should stop and move on the the titivating of the computer room and all goodies therein.  ME?  No, I'll get MY cleaning the first Monday of each month ..... that ordeal due in just shy of a week.          
     We shall speak of such at a much later date, trust me.

Now I'm gone, I being, of course, ME!

aka KnightOwl aka Large One
I am also theWizard they call Sergeant Pop

A bit of a puzzle here, just for the heck of it.
Here's a shot of the northern sky taken this past summer (2011),
 from the front yard of the Manor House.
There have been sighted (3) three cats in those clouds.
Lets see how well you remember
those long hours of lying in the field of summer grass, gazing up at the clouds,
searching for 'stuff and things' in said clouds.
I myself, have found three.
How many do YOU see?

Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday - A word or three for all

And a good Morning, Monday style, to one and all.
Welcome all to the Blather Blog called KnightOwl's Roost.

     Lets see ..... what else am I supposed to say here?
     Maybe I should type these intros up before hand so I can get them posted quickly and get on with my daily duties of being the Supreme Lord and Master & Official Editor In Charge (SLAMOEIC) of Five Oaks Manor notes and blathers, of all things posted by those attendant to, and a part of, Buddy Bear's Cats' World Web Community (BBCWWC), and all extensions, add-ons and other attachments you shall find here. 
     The day is cold, dank, dreary, dribbly, and dull.  And I are cold!  I just realized, when I posted the word 'cold' that I am still running around in the thin T worn this past night in the big feather bed.  Must needs make some changes to this absent minded old fool's apparel doncha think?
     Did I mention that it is COLD?  Well, it is!
     Mayhap we'll be fiddlin around off and on the Cat Porch (our carport) later this morning so the 'work' apparel choice will definitely be of somewhat much heaver duds.  Since it's only 33°F here, and the high for the day has been prognosticated at only roundabout 40°, Winter clothing is the choice of the day.

• A Note here:  I am NOT a friend of cold weather, do not live in an area of the good ole USofA with a excessively cold climate, so therefore my assessment of the condition of the day, ie. COLD, is correct, and emphatically reasserted herein.

     IT IS COLD HERE!  I do apologize for the shouts now and again, but what better way to get my main point across.
     Well, the 'Velcro Lap-robe House Panther' (VLHP), aka MikiCato, has just decided my lap is too warm, moved his rangy little frame from my lap to the nest behind my head, curled and flaked out again, after sinking that one little claw into my shirt sleeve, just to make sure he knows when I move from the area.
     I can now be up and about the task of feeding my face and cranky tummy, as long as I carry the above mentioned VLHP with me.  I usually do that anyhow, so I am up, out and about my chosen task.
     Everyone, be safe, stay warm and dry, hug the critters and the others, have a mug of hot whatever, and come when you can.
     Enough arready .....
     I'm gone ......

Roy, Sr.
aka KnightOwl aka Large One
I am also theWizard they call Sergeant Pop

To remind us what Summer looks like, here's this one from
a couple three summers ago, taken just down the road from
the Manor house.
This is Kudzu Creek.