Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday - A word or three for all

And a good Morning, Monday style, to one and all.
Welcome all to the Blather Blog called KnightOwl's Roost.

     Lets see ..... what else am I supposed to say here?
     Maybe I should type these intros up before hand so I can get them posted quickly and get on with my daily duties of being the Supreme Lord and Master & Official Editor In Charge (SLAMOEIC) of Five Oaks Manor notes and blathers, of all things posted by those attendant to, and a part of, Buddy Bear's Cats' World Web Community (BBCWWC), and all extensions, add-ons and other attachments you shall find here. 
     The day is cold, dank, dreary, dribbly, and dull.  And I are cold!  I just realized, when I posted the word 'cold' that I am still running around in the thin T worn this past night in the big feather bed.  Must needs make some changes to this absent minded old fool's apparel doncha think?
     Did I mention that it is COLD?  Well, it is!
     Mayhap we'll be fiddlin around off and on the Cat Porch (our carport) later this morning so the 'work' apparel choice will definitely be of somewhat much heaver duds.  Since it's only 33°F here, and the high for the day has been prognosticated at only roundabout 40°, Winter clothing is the choice of the day.

• A Note here:  I am NOT a friend of cold weather, do not live in an area of the good ole USofA with a excessively cold climate, so therefore my assessment of the condition of the day, ie. COLD, is correct, and emphatically reasserted herein.

     IT IS COLD HERE!  I do apologize for the shouts now and again, but what better way to get my main point across.
     Well, the 'Velcro Lap-robe House Panther' (VLHP), aka MikiCato, has just decided my lap is too warm, moved his rangy little frame from my lap to the nest behind my head, curled and flaked out again, after sinking that one little claw into my shirt sleeve, just to make sure he knows when I move from the area.
     I can now be up and about the task of feeding my face and cranky tummy, as long as I carry the above mentioned VLHP with me.  I usually do that anyhow, so I am up, out and about my chosen task.
     Everyone, be safe, stay warm and dry, hug the critters and the others, have a mug of hot whatever, and come when you can.
     Enough arready .....
     I'm gone ......

Roy, Sr.
aka KnightOwl aka Large One
I am also theWizard they call Sergeant Pop

To remind us what Summer looks like, here's this one from
a couple three summers ago, taken just down the road from
the Manor house.
This is Kudzu Creek.


  1. It's sort of cold here too but it does feel very Chrissmassy too! Yay! take care

  2. t has warmed up here a bit and our snow is melting!!! That makes Mom happy. However, it will not last and will be sunny and much cooler by the weekend :/
    WE are glad you have a nice wrap(aka MikiCato) for your neck,heeheehee
    Find some heat and stay warm :)
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  3. Thanks, you guys, for stopping by here. Hope to see you again sometime. I'm trying to get myself together so I can get into a bit of a routine here and on the other blogs, the web site and the forums. I've nothing else to do but live my life, and love my Lady and my Kitties. Health prevents me doing the heavy stuff so the yard is going the way of all abandoned (almost) acres. At least the outside kitties keep the place cleared of the small rodents and such. Well, the barky next door helps ..... sometimes when he gets off his chain.

    Everyone have a great week, be safe, and come when you can.


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