Monday, June 13, 2011

Is it Morning, or is it Night?

     Where am I?

     I gotta tell this one.  It shows the confusion of the 'retired' mind I'm thinking.  This was a couple three days back.
     I woke rather suddenly, sat up and shook my head to clear the cobwebs of sleep.  The old Big Ben clock on the shelf let it be known it was but a few clicks and a beep before 8:00.  I looked over and my shoulder at the other side of the big bed and saw cats, but no wife, and from habit, I assumed she had fallen asleep in the fun room while curled on the futon reading (common enough happening for both of us from time to time.)
     Glancing out the window I noticed it seemed a bit dark for that time of the morning.  I remembered Lisa saying that the local weather prognosticator had mentioned something about possible rain and storms one day in the immediate future.  Thinking this was the morning for said showers and ugly stuff, I turned my attention back to the here and now.
     With creaking and popping of age worn joints, I arose from the feathers, trying, as I did, not to awaken the heathen cat (Rowdy) I discovered sleeping curled tightly in a ball in my arm.  If he woke he showed no signs of it.  Anyway, after finally managing to right myself in the bed, I set about getting myself together to be up and about and to go have some quality time with the lady of the house, her clowder of kits, and to check on the two little kits out on the 'cat porch'.  It was past those two little ones' feeding time, that being my job.
     I kept glancing out the window wondering when the storm would start, if it would rain, and would we even have anything but clouds and a mite of wind.  Finally, up and on my still unsteady feet, I lumbered into THE room for the morning ablutions and other such necessities.  As per the norm at Five Oaks, said ablutions were cat assisted!
     Upon completion of the usual morning activities, I noticed MikiCato curled in the linen closet, drowsily eying me with one eye half open like "are you back so soon?"  I couldn't believe the little guy had spent the night in there.  That's something he has never done in all his 8 years.  He usually curls in with me early in the morning and stays abed a while after I'm up and out and doing the days things that I do.  Ah, well, new things happening every day.
     Out the door, down the hall, and Voila, there sits the love of my life, deeply engrossed in the latest best seller recently gleened from the shelves of the local library.
     "Oh, Hi Honey!  Did you sleep well?  Want some tea and cookies?  I just finished a new batch.  They are already in the jar!"
     That's not right!  She does NOT bake before sunrise ..... NEVER!  Where's the clock?  Ayup, it IS after 8.  Well, late again.  Not exactly the first time such has happened since retiring.  Actually that is the first thing I had in my mind when I made the decision to retire some 9 ..... or was it 10, years ago.  Whatever!  Been a while and it's not important anyway.
     Just then, I was given a big shock treatment when my tiny little Lady love of 47 years said "Don't forget to take the trash out before you go back to bed.  Remember the Garbage Guys come in the morning!"
     I sat down to table with my cup of hot Earl Gray, looked at her and said "Is it morning or night?"
     Realizing something was not right with me (well, there's always been that problem but usually not of this sort) she casually asked if I felt OK.
      "Just wondering why it's so dark outside at this time of the morning."
     "It's Monday night Honey.  You fell asleep reading and I put your book and glasses on the night stand.  That was around 3.  The cats piled in with you just as I turned the light out.  I've been baking cookies and watching TV.  Oh, and your daughter called ...... "
     I went back to bed and read most of the night.
     I hate this getting old and feeling lost and useless.  I was always told the first thing that goes is your memory, then you can't ..... but wait, that's a subject for another time and definitely NOT this public writing place.  Gotta have privacy for that one.

     I, hopefully am now back on the blogs, and again, hopefully, with a few tales and interesting thoughts to share with everyone brave enough to sit through the reading of an old man's Blathering.
     Here's to everyone having a good day, a very pleasant night, and better control of your senses and memory than the old one behind these keys.
     I'll be back .....
     Later .....



  1. that's all right old owl, we all do that sometimes

  2. Such a disorienting feeling, isn't it?! Maybe it's that deep sleep that makes us feel as if many hours have gone by, when it's only been a little old catnap...

    p.s. I'm so glad to see you (and the cats) back again!


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