Saturday, November 19, 2011

Having been absent from this site for so long, I came in expecting to find it NOT on the web, or at least locked.  Really, I don't know what I expected, but, to my delight and too, to my chagrin (is that the right word?), I find it ready and waiting for my new post.
     What post?  I've nothing to say, nothing what so ever.
     Now that I said that, I think there might be a thing or three I could blather about.  For now, though, lets just say that I do hope I can get back to the regularity of posting here, as I've just recently done on Buddy Bear's Cats' World's Blather Blog.  Of course there is no guarantee I'll continue.  I could get bored for lack of interest on the part of my fans and followers, but that should not ..... I say SHOULD NOT, have anything to do with my posting.  As I've said in many places on the WWW, I write because I like to.  I don't like the sound of my own voice, but here that's not an issue ..... only when I mess up and have to delete, back space, retype, and edit ...... foul mouth old Bird for sure.

Weather (the favorite subject of those of us who have nothing set in mind to toss a hissy about) here in the SouthWoods is getting on toward Winter.     Night temps have been hitting middle 20s to lower 30s, yet daytime runs sometimes into the upper 70s.  And it's all playing hell with a lot of our systems (body, not computer, thankyouverrymuch), causing much misery, whining, and general discomfort.  What I'm saying is, cold weather is upon us and we are fighting the sniffles and worse, big time.  This old Bird has had the start of the flu a couple times already, but managed to fight it off, I guess because of the meds I am on daily.  Hopefully that fight will continue to be won by MY side.

     As with most writings I do, our little cats, the 6 Mouskateers of Five Oaks Manor, always pop up into the missive somewhere some how.  Well, you know how it is, a man having a mess of children wanting to talk and brag about what the kids did today and such.  Anyway, be forewarned about that particular happening.

     As I get back into the saddle here so to speak, I'll be adding pictures I, and my family, have taken, not only of the pets, the kids, and an occasional group shot, but of what we see around about the places we live, work, and play.

     Now, I'm going to leave this one, call it FINI, at least for the day, and take myself over to the blog at Buddy's place, make with the post there, then take a stroll down the hallway to the fun room, with my escort of at least 1, sometimes 2 of the little cats leading the way, make myself a large mug of Earl Gray, lemon laced and lightly sugared, get out the cookie jar, and read a couple three chapters of my latest James Patterson detective/super cop book, which is almost due back at the local library.

Must get with that program if I'm to remain in the good graces of the fine people staffing said establishment.

Here's three of the 6 reasons I first came to the WWW to blather, post pix
and generally hangout, bother family and friends while saving money on
long distance telephone calls all over the world.
From top to bottom, left to right we have Buddy Bear, Tegar, and MikiCato.
Rowdy was with his Mom, Ms Smokey and Ms Princess were chasing rabbits
outside where they have their own little boudoir just off the Cat Porch.

     Everyone take care, be safe, stay warm/cool (whatever your part of the world calls for at present), and come visit with me next time.
     I am

Roy Sr,
aka KnightOwl

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