Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday's Edition - Is it Respect, or is it Pride?

     Living in a mostly rural area, we 'country folk' have to make the occasional trip to town to the local post office for special mailings.  The other day was one of those days for us.  One letter to go to a close Friend in Canada, 7 stamps to take care of the monthly bills, and some boxes for shipping some goodies the Wife mate has readied to go out to family and friends.
     So, I hopped in the little 'Green Hornet' (Dodge Stratus, circa 2003, dark green in color), my little plastic roller skate, and headed out to the local village a couple three miles down the SouthWoods trail.  Not being the proud owner of a wrist watch, (threw my last one away when I went to put it on one day and discovered it had died on me) I didn't know the late hour of the day.  Never did like battery powered gadgets.  Anyway, being retired I pride myself on NOT being a clock watcher.
     OK, getting off the subject, but not really.  I made it to the post office just as the Post Mistress (What? That's not Politically correct? So sue me!)  was walking out the front door.  I pulled into the empty spot just in front of the small flag pole where the lady had stopped and was fiddling with the halyard for the flag.  Realizing she was about to lower Old Glory for the day, I hopped out, snapped to (that's 'stood at attention' for those that claim they don't know proper flag etiquette), removed the hat and covered my heart (which is the proper salute required of an individual dressed in 'civvies').
     After the flag had been folded, I approached the lady and was told the PO was closed but, for me, she would certainly open.  She seemed flustered.  Inside, I was informed she had never seen anyone stop and salute the flag when she raised or lowered it each day.  All I could say was that, to me it was respect, respect due to the Flag of My Country, and that I had served over 16 years in the military protecting that flag and I was NOT about to loose my respect for it just because the majority of America had lost theirs.
     Well, in the process of getting the stamps, plastering them on the envelopes, her making change, and her telling me again that I gave her a very pleasant surprise, selecting boxes for the next mailings of Ladybug's (M'Lady Lisa) knittings to friends and family, we both forgot the 'book' of stamps I had ordered and paid for.
     Long story short, I went back the next morning, was afforded another complement on my conduct of the day before, swapped apologies for the stamp incident, and picking up my stamps, I bid the lady good day and went home.  I felt a bit flustered on the way home.
     Actually I felt strange.  I did something that, back in MY time, ALL Americans did ..... I paid respect to the symbol of my country, the land I live in, the land I fought for in Viet Nam, the land I gave almost 2 decades of my life to protecting, and was told I did something never seen before in this town by this one individual.
     I'm wonder what has happened!  Where's the patriotism?  Does anyone give a tinkers damn about the country they live in today?  Maybe it's the water they're drinking.
     Sound silly huh?  It's not, at least to me.
     Will someone explain it to me?  I'm not too old to learn something new.  At least I don't think so.  Maybe the powers that be ......
     I'll let this one rest.  Just a rant actually.  Later we may get into a higher gear.  Right now I'm closing this one and hoping all have a good weekend, and don't forget where you are.  It's our land, and we DO owe it at least a modicum of respect.
     Just a friendly NOTE here for those new to the KnightOwl's Blathers:  
     This is a Blather, a personal rambling, a snippet of thought, and NOT an invitation to dive in to the Comments here with an highly over opinionated, 'I know it all' indisputable dissertation.  In other words, I am not posting this and any other ramblings here to open up a debate in Comments, and I will NOT tolerate one here.  Comments, are welcome, and friendly opinions are too, but beware the 'holier than thou', abusive, tirade.  It's not needed, and will net the offending individual the boot from the Comments.  Enough said.        

     Everyone have a great day, take care, and while you are out and about, look around, check out the world about you.  There are many interesting happenings here and there.  Make note, and, if you are a-mind to do a little finger bending, talk to us here.  We're good at listening too.
     I'm gone .....
     Later .....


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