Monday, March 7, 2011

Introducing Me, Myself and I!

     This will be the place the KnighOwl, aka Roy, Sr, aka The Wizard Sgt.Pop (I even answer to 'Hey You' on occasion) has his say about this and that, mostly stuff and things from the mind and memory of and Old Man.  I am that old man and I am here to talk.  I'll leave the comments open to all registered members of with nothing more than the simple character recognition thingie to keep the machines and spiders and such out.  First sign of trouble, or of Spamming, and I will go the Moderated route.  That is, you post your comments, do the recognition requirement and then sit on your fists until I get back to approve/disapprove the posts.
     That latter I do NOT wish to do.  We shall see what happens though.
     As of right now I am working on the post for Buddy Bear's Cats' World's Blog.  When the day's prior commitments are seen to, the cats are fed, we have all had our cat nap, some crunchies and a dish of milk, Me, Myself and I will be in to sort things out.  Buddy Bear will be hanging around as well.  He's our chief owner, human trainer, and night time sleeping partner.  Well, you can check on him and the rest of the clowder at his Blog and of course at his Web Site.  Links to our other holdings and active sites around the WWW are found on the start page of the Web Site.
     Color me gone for now.  But ......
     I'll be back .....
     Later .....



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  1. I even talk to myself atimes, this being one of them.

    So, I have called it an end to the design and titivation herein. So be it. This is my place and my friends, old and new, are invited and welcomed here.

    May you all have peace, and all else that is good.


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